Security personnel don new uniform ahead of Day 2 of Special Session of Parliament

On Day 2 of the Special Session of Parliament, the security personnel reported at the new parliament building in new uniforms.
Security personnel at the Parliament building, instead of safari suits, were seen wearing camouflage pattern clothes similar to those worn by military personnel.
Notably, chamber attendants, officers, security personnel, drivers and marshals all will don new uniforms.
Meanwhile, the new Parliament building has been designated as the Parliament House of India, a Lok Sabha Secretariat notification said.
“The Speaker, Lok Sabha is pleased to notify the new building of Parliament situated in the precincts of the Parliament House on Plot Number 118, New Delhi, east of the existing Parliament House with Raisina road to the south and Red Cross road to the north, to be, hereon, designated as the Parliament House of India,” said the notification.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi led parliamentarians across party lines in bidding farewell to the old Parliament building on Monday.
The Centre has called for a special session of Parliament for five days between September 18 and 22. The special session of Parliament started in the old building on 18 September. The new Parliament building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 28, this year.
With inputs from agencies

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