Watch: BJP MP Narhari Amin faints during group photo session in old Parliament building

Narhari Amin, a BJP MP, collapsed as members from both houses gathered for a group photo to commentate leaving the old Parliament building.

#WATCH | BJP MP Narhari Amin fainted during the group photo session of Parliamentarians. He has now recovered and is a part of the photo session.
— ANI (@ANI) September 19, 2023

As per a statement released by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, MPs were summoned to assemble for the group photo at 9:30 am. The photo session comprised three separate group pictures: one featuring all MPs from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, a second exclusively for Rajya Sabha MPs, and a third for Lok Sabha MPs.
Following the photo session, all members were asked to meet at 11 am in the Central Hall of Parliament for an event dedicated to celebrating the Parliament’s illustrious history.
MPs were given new identity cards for access to the new building.
A special five-day session of Parliament commenced on 18 September, setting the stage for crucial discussions and deliberations.

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