Sean 'Diddy' Combs reacts to viral video of him allegedly beating Cassie: 'I'm disgusted'

One day after video was released that appeared to show Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs beating his then-girlfriend Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel, the music mogul took responsibility, saying he's "disgusted" with himself. "It's so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life. Sometimes you got to do that. I was f---ed up. I mean I hit rock bottom. But I make no excuses. My behavior on that video is inexcusable," he said in a self-recorded message beneath a rattan roof posted to Instagram.  "I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I'm disgusted. I was disgusted then when I did it. I'm disgusted now," he added. APP USERS CLICK HERE TO VIEW INSTAGRAM "I went and I sought out professional help. I had to go into therapy, and go to rehab," Combs revealed. "Had to ask God for his mercy and grace." "I’m so sorry. But I’m committed to [being] a better man each and every day. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m truly sorry." Combs did not reference Cassie, whose legal name is Cassandra Ventura, in his apology. The alarming video, obtained exclusively by CNN , shows the rapper running down a hallway only wearing a towel around his waist and socks. When he reaches the elevators, he can be seen throwing a woman, presumably Ventura, to the ground. He kicks her twice before dragging her out of the camera's view. The incident seems to directly corroborate an incident described in depth in Ventura's lawsuit that she filed against Combs in November 2023 where she accused him of physical and sexual abuse. The lawsuit was dropped the following day, and an undisclosed settlement was reached.  WATCH: SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS ALLEGEDLY PUMMELS WOMAN IN 2016 HOTEL VIDEO. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER At the time of the filing, Combs' lawyer issued a statement saying in part, " Mr. Combs vehemently denies these offensive and outrageous allegations. Ms. Ventura's demand of $30 million, under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship, was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail. Despite withdrawing her initial threat, Ms. Ventura has now resorted to filing a lawsuit riddled with baseless and outrageous lies, aiming to tarnish Mr. Combs' reputation, and seeking a pay day." Following the settlement, Combs said, "We have decided to resolve this matter amicably. I wish Cassie and her family all the best. Love." Following the video's release, Ventura’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, told Fox News Digital, "The gut-wrenching video has only further confirmed the disturbing and predatory behavior of Mr. Combs. Words cannot express the courage and fortitude that Ms. Ventura has shown in coming forward to bring this to light." The LA District Attorney's office issued a statement on Saturday confirming that Combs cannot be prosecuted based on these allegations due to the statute of limitations.

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