Glen Powell believes he and Sydney Sweeney are Hollywood's next dynamic duo: 'It's like Julia and George'

Following the massive success of their romantic-comedy "Anyone But You," Glen Powell believes he and co-star Sydney Sweeney are the next burgeoning duo in Hollywood. "What I'm really proud of on ‘ Anyone But You ’ is Sydney and I took a gamble that people would pay their $15, leave the house, get the sitter, whatever it means, to show up to the theater for a movie that's just about love," Powell shared on " Sunday Today with Willie Geist. " The movie, which premiered days before Christmas 2023, grossed nearly $220 million at the box office. SYDNEY SWEENEY TACKLES GLEN POWELL AFFAIR RUMORS ON 'SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE' "Sydney and I want to get back in the trenches together," Powell said of wanting to work with Sweeney again. "It's like Julia [Roberts] and George [Clooney] . You know, Matthew [McConaughey] and Kate [Hudson]. You know these people that work together over and over and over again," he said, comparing himself and Sweeney to two of Hollywood's most famous co-starring duos.  Roberts and Clooney are famously close friends, having starred in six movies together. McConaughey and Hudson have starred in two rom-coms with one another. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS "It's when you find somebody that you have a great creative partnership with and somebody you can really trust, you want to just keep doing that. There's no reason to do it any other way." Powell and Sweeney's chemistry was so palpable in not only the movie, but also its press tour, that rumors circulated that the two were more than just friends. They have both denied this. The film follows their characters Ben and Bea, who, despite hating each other, pretend to be in a relationship to appease their friends and family. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER "I'll pretty much give Sydney all the credit for this. I don't have the mental capacity to pull anything like this off, but she's very smart," Powell told Business Insider of leaning into the dating rumors. "She's very smart. And look, Sydney and I do have authentic chemistry. I had such a wonderful journey with her on this thing." "The only reason it made things harder for me to lean into that stuff was that I was going through a very real breakup amid a promotional tour," he shared.  Powell's split from girlfriend Gigi Paris only fueled the speculation with Sweeney. "I was with someone that I really loved and cared about and was trying to kind of make sense of a lot of stuff," he added. "It was a lot easier for Sydney to lean into something like that because she's in a very committed and wonderful relationship, and she's very happy. So, it was a little harder for me," he said. Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino. Despite all the controversy their relationship sparked, Powell says he and Sweeney are actively looking for more projects to work on together. "My agent's going to hate me for saying this, but we are reading," he told Geist.

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