Huawei Already Has A New Kirin 9010L Chipset Running In One Of Its Phones, And It Is The Slower Version Of The Kirin 9010 Found In Some Pura 70 Models

The Kirin 9010 succeeded the Kirin 9000S when Huawei officially unveiled the Pura 70 series earlier this year, but the company was also working on another version of its latest chipset without keeping anyone in the loop. Called the Kirin 9010L, the existence of this silicon was found thanks to a thorough investigation of the newly announced Nova 12 Ultra Star Edition, which differs from the regular version. Here, we look at what sets apart the Kirin 9010 and the Kirin 9010L. Kirin 9010L is the slower version of the Kirin 9010, with fewer cores running at lower clock speeds A […] Read full article at

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