Demi Moore, 61, says full frontal nudity in Cannes Film Festival hit was a 'vulnerable experience’

At age 61, Demi Moore bared all in her latest film "The Substance," and it was a "vulnerable experience." "I had someone who was a great partner who I felt very safe with," the actress said at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday, as quoted by Variety . The star credited costar Margaret Qualley for putting her at ease when it came to stripping down. DEMI MOORE STUNS FANS WITH ‘AGELESS’ VIDEO WHILE ON BEACH VACATION WITH DAUGHTERS "We obviously were quite close – naked – and we also got a lot of levity in those moments at how absurd those certain situations were," said Moore. "But ultimately, it’s just about really directing your communication and mutual trust." "… Going into it, it was really spelled out – the level of vulnerability and rawness that was really required to tell the story," Moore explained. "And it was a very vulnerable experience and just required a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to accomplish." According to the outlet, Moore plays Elizabeth Sparkle who, in an attempt to save her fading celebrity, uses a black-market drug that creates a younger version of herself (Qualley). In the film, Moore’s character studies her nude body before using "the substance."  However, not all ends well. Sparkle’s character goes on to become disfigured following the abuse she endures from "her other half." The outlet noted that by the film’s final act, Moore transforms into "a humpback abomination." Moore admitted "it was very strange" to see herself in prosthetics which, according to the outlet, made her resemble Anjelica Huston’s character from the 1990 film "The Witches." "My dog still recognized me," said Moore. "It was my touchstone of reality." CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER Variety reported that "The Substance,"  which premiered on Sunday night, received an 11-minute standing ovation. Moore had previously appeared nude in 1995's "The Scarlet Letter." The following year, she stripped down as a former FBI secretary-turned-stripper for "Striptease." Moore was paid a then-record-setting $12.5 million for the role, making her the highest-paid actress at the time. "Striptease" ended up being a critical and box office failure. Earlier this year, Moore reflected on her Brat Pack fame in the 1980s. The term, coined by a New York Magazine writer, described a group of young Hollywood stars who dominated the big screen during the decadent decade. "For me, I didn’t love it, being thought of as a brat because I thought it kind of diminished us as professionals," Moore told "Good Morning America," as quoted by People magazine . "But I didn’t carry it." LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS "It’s really interesting cause you know, the Brat Pack moniker that came about really didn’t have anything to do with us as people, as professionals," she said. "It was just a clever headline."

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