Rod Stewart celebrates son's wedding with all 8 children

Rod Stewart was all smiles when he witnessed one of his eight children tie the knot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, last week. The legendary musician , 79, took to Instagram and shared a massive family photo. The picture included all eight of his children: Liam, Sarah, Kimberly, Sean, Ruby, Renee, Alastair Wallace and Aiden Patrick. Liam Stewart and Nicole Artukovich tied the knot at St. Ignatius Church Friday, People reported. Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster, was by his side, as well as Liam's mother and Stewart's ex-wife, Rachel Hunter. Rod and Rachel were married from 1990-2006. ROD STEWART POSES WITH 4 MOTHERS OF HIS CHILDREN: 'A MOTHER'S REUNION!' "I’m immensely proud to have witness the beautiful wedding ceremony of my son Liam to his bride Nicole," Stewart captioned the photo.  APP USERS CLICK HERE "What a wonderful union of The Stewart’s and The Artukovich’s. May they continue to find joy, love and laughter for as long as they may live and produce many more baby’s to join their little 1 year old boy, Louie." Stewart's oldest child, daughter Sarah Streeter, was born in 1963 to Stewart and girlfriend Susannah Boffey. Sarah was raised by adoptive parents, only connecting with her father as an adult. The rock star's family started to expand in 1979, when he and his first wife Alana had Kimberly and Sean. They were married for five years before splitting in 1984. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS His next relationship, which lasted seven years, was with model Kelly Emberg. The couple had one child, daughter Ruby. They called it quits in 1990.  Stewart's second marriage was with Rachel Hunter, which also began in 1990. The couple had two children, Renee and Liam. They divorced in 2006. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER By 2007, Stewart and Lancaster were married. They have two children together, Alastair and Aiden. Stewart has been candid about the challenges of parenting children of separate generations, telling People in 2021, "I have to be several different fathers because of the different age groups of my kids. … You really have to treat all of them as individuals with individual problems. "What makes me happiest now is seeing all my kids and my wife with big smiles on their faces."

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