Kevin Bacon was burned 'badly' after hard-boiled egg exploded in his mouth while on the road with his band

Kevin Bacon's lips were fried by an egg. The "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" star remembered a somewhat traumatic incident while on the road touring with his band as he sat down for an appearance on the "Late Night with Seth Meyers." "I'm in a rock band. We were able to do a bunch of tours," Bacon said. "You stay in these hotels that are not very high end. They often have the free breakfast, which is like the waffles and the eggs and a couple of pieces of Cheerio." KYRA SEDGWICK AND KEVIN BACON HAVE FOOLED AROUND ON SET: ‘IF THE TRAILER’S ROCKING …'  Bacon said he wasn't very hungry but wanted to bring some food with him because the band was traveling from "one lousy hotel to another."  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP "So, I grabbed a couple of boiled eggs to take with me," he said. "Now these eggs were, I want to say, they were peeled, but they were hard-boiled. Took them to the next hotel, put them in the microwave to heat them up, put it on a minute. All of a sudden, I hear, ‘boom!’"  The "Footloose" actor opened the microwave and saw that one of the eggs had "completely exploded all over the microwave." KEVIN BACON DETAILS JOURNEY FROM ‘FOOTLOOSE’ GUY TO FAMILY MAN AS HE CELEBRATES 65TH BIRTHDAY While he thought the situation was "such a drag," he was now hungry and still had other eggs to eat.  "So, I bite into the other egg, and it’s a grenade going off in my mouth," Bacon said. "It exploded in my mouth. It's a cautionary tale. Folks, I guess you have to cut it in half."  LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Bacon, who has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick for nearly 36 years , had no idea the egg would explode and grabbed a cold towel to soothe his face after the incident.  "I take the towel off and — this is a little gross — and the skin of my lips is on the towel," he said. "I call up the doctor, and the doctor says, ‘Well you’ve obviously burned yourself badly,' and prescribes some stuff. For the next month, my lips were bright red like a Kansas City Chiefs fan." CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER Despite the harrowing ordeal, Bacon now laughs off the bad breakfast incident.  "I learned a great lesson," he said.  He joked the perfect headline for his story would be "Bacon burned by egg."

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