iPhone 16 Battery Allegedly Leaked, Close-Up Of Metallic Casing Shows An L-Shaped Part, And 7 Percent Higher Capacity Than The iPhone 15’s Cell

The base iPhone 16, launching later this year, may have a bigger battery than its direct predecessor, the iPhone 15, at least according to the latest images. In addition to sporting an L-shape and being placed in a protective metal casing, future buyers should expect increased runtime with the upcoming model. Consistency of metal casing leaks hint that Apple may use this part to improve heat dissipation, with the iPhone 16 included in this lineup The last time a component belonging to the iPhone 16 family was leaked, it was apparently from an iPhone 16 Pro prototype and included a metal […] Read full article at https://wccftech.com/iphone-16-battery-leak-7-percent-higher-capacity-than-iphone-15/

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