iPhone 16 Lineup To Feature 8GB RAM, But Analyst Believes Apple’s Development Of On-Device LLMs Will Be Limited Due To Insufficient Memory

Apple has various plans regarding generative AI, but to access them, users will need an iPhone 15 Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro Max at the bare minimum as both flagships feature 8GB RAM. The same amount of memory is said to be retained on the iPhone 16 series, but according to an analyst, it is still an insufficient number. According to him, Apple is facing severe limitations in the development of its on-device Large Language Models, or LLMs. A mix of on-device and cloud-based AI functionality is necessary due to RAM limitations on the iPhone 16 models TF International […] Read full article at https://wccftech.com/iphone-16-lineup-to-feature-8gb-ram-insufficient-for-on-device-llm/

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