Halle Berry suffers wardrobe malfunction in hilarious behind-the-scenes footage

Halle Berry exposed herself in more ways than one in a video that showed the actress seriously struggling to get out of a tight blouse. Last month, Berry, 57, attended the IFM's Annual International Conference in Las Vegas . Days ago, she shared a glimpse of that weekend, posting a video of her strutting through the Bellagio Hotel halls in a fitted corset top. She looked effortless; a stark contrast to how she appeared in a video that she shared to her social media on Monday. HALLE BERRY POSES IN CATWOMAN-INSPIRED LATEX BODYSUIT AND BOOTS In that video, Berry gave a behind-the-scenes look of her trying to get out of that exact blouse with help from stylist Lindsay Flores.  Berry and Flores waltzed around the dressing room trying to loosen Berry's arms from the shirt, making for several instances of relatable wardrobe malfunctions. Every time Berry flashed her breasts, a red heart would appear on the screen to censor the video. APP USERS CLICK HERE TO VIEW INSTAGRAM "Watch my boobs," Berry exclaimed. "Why did you have me in this?" she asked later. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Berry's Catwoman-like reflexes seemed to evade her, as Flores expressed concern that Berry would "rip" the shirt. "Can somebody get this off?" Berry asked, in hysterics. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER Flores proposed the idea of scissors to cut Berry out of the shirt , designed by Anna Quan, which only made the women laugh harder. Through some serious maneuvering, the " Monster's Ball " actress was eventually freed from her restrictive garment. "Man this video makes me feel GOOD!!!!!! I feel seen," actress Viola Davis commented beneath the video. "I’m usually alone when this happens," Michelle Pfeiffer wrote. Berry was also praised by heaps of fans for her transparency. "This is the most human thing that relates to all of us I’ve ever seen on social media," one person wrote in part. "I don’t know why this is so oddly comforting! Makes me happy," a user commented. "Wow. I have so much respect for the things you all go through behind the scenes," another person noted.

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