What trends are coming for celebrity summer weddings? A luxury planner of high-profile events weighs in

There's always buzz about celebrity weddings. Fans scour the internet wondering what the bride wore, where the stars got married and who attended.  The marriage ceremonies and receptions of high-profile celebs have an enormous impact on the wedding industry in general, with many couples pulling inspiration from the A-list events they see on social media.  With summer weddings just around the corner, Lisa Lafferty, a California-based luxury wedding planner, shared some wedding trends she expects to see from celebs this summer and how events hosted by Hollywood's biggest names impact the wedding industry.    Her resume includes a number of celebrities, including NFL players and reality TV stars, like Christine Quinn of "Selling Sunset." BILLY RAY CYRUS, DOLPH LUNDGREN AND NAOMI WATTS TOP LIST OF CELEBRITY WEDDINGS OF 2023  Lafferty spoke of incorporating the color black into a summer wedding for a bold statement.  "That's one that I think is coming, and it's not going anywhere," Lafferty told Fox News Digital in a Zoom interview.  "Another one is any earthy tones. Anything that's kind of neutral tone palettes. It's chic, it's simple. Again, you can make it pop with some gold, or you can get some glimmer with silver," Lafferty added. She noted that citrus tones, such as peach fuzz, the Pantone color of the year, is another she expects to see at celeb summer weddings.  As for summer wedding dresses, Lafferty said bold florals are often worked into gorgeous gowns.  "A lot of them are having a very amazing and beautiful floral motif," Lafferty explained. "I actually have an insane dress being made for one of my brides that's gorgeous rosettes and lace peonies and things like that. So, I think it's a lot of over-the-top flowers, and they are very maximalist-looking dresses." Lafferty is no stranger to summer nuptials. Just last year, she planned a wedding for NFL Super Bowl champion Sebastian Joseph-Day. She created an illusion of being in Italy at a California-based event.   "I actually did an incredible celebrity wedding for an NFL player in the summer of last year, and we actually did more of a winery Italian Tuscan Villa style," Lafferty said. "So, it was very romantic. A lot of neutral tones, pops with gold, traditional whites and some blush hues. So, we kind of played off of a winery wedding. But it's something that would be relative to if you got married in Italy, but it was here in California." FORMER ‘SELLING SUNSET’ STAR'S WEDDING PLANNER ON CHOOSING A THEME, PERSONALIZED EVENT DETAILS AND MORE When a celebrity wedding occurs, whether it's a large event with a guest list full of A-listers, or a small, intimate gathering of family and friends, word quickly spreads of the famous couple exchanging vows.  Photos shared on social media are seen around the world, showcasing what the famous bride wore, bridesmaids' dresses and decorations that set the tone of the event.  Lafferty noted that events including a celebrity couple have a huge impact.  "Celebrities definitely impact the wedding industry. I think a lot of people look up to celebrities as influencers. And, also, when you're part of that club, and you want to replicate something or grab inspiration from celebrity weddings, you kind of feel like you're a celebrity like them," said Lafferty. "If somebody's had something that you loved at a wedding, and you're doing it, it's seen all over the world for the most part. And, so, when you have it at your wedding, I think it gives guests this feeling of being inclusive and feeling special."  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER While celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and George and Amal Clooney spared no expense on their wedding day, others have opted for a more private event.  One of the latest celeb couples to quietly tie the knot was Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi , who got married in May.  Lafferty said she has noticed a trend, especially among younger celebrity couples like Brown and Bongiovi, of getting married in more intimate settings.  "I'd say the younger generation of celebrity weddings, I feel like those are more intimate. They're smaller. Sometimes, they're just getaways, and then they have a reception party after the fact," Lafferty said. "So, I definitely think the younger generation of celebrities is doing smaller, intimate.  "I feel like there's definitely something where they're always in the public eye, so they do tend to want to be more on the exclusive side and very private." Even at a small gathering, luxury doesn't have to be compromised. There are many ways couples can get the luxury and the privacy they want.  "You can absolutely have an intimate setting for a wedding and still make it extremely luxurious. Beautiful floral arrangements, just all the details you can add to your wedding — different textures, incredible food, incredible cocktails, entertainment. Location is everything as well and, obviously, all your guests that you have," said Lafferty.  "Those are your friends and family, your loved ones. You make the most out of it. I think once you're around everyone with love, it's a really luxurious setting."

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