Henry Winkler evacuated from hotel after fire breaks out, calls firemen his ‘favorite human beings’

Henry Winkler has "Happy Days" ahead of him thanks to the firefighters in Dublin, Ireland. On Wednesday morning, a fire broke out at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, with guests telling local station RTE News they first heard the fire alarm at 10:30 am. The fire brigade reportedly arrived shortly after. Winkler told the outlet he wasn't convinced there was a fire when he first heard the alarm. "When I heard the fire alarm, I thought it was the clock radio. I thought somebody had set the alarm before we got there, like another guest," Winkler said. "Finally, I went into another room, and it was still buzzing. So, I called downstairs, and the woman said, in a very calm voice, ‘Yes, we’re all evacuating. You must evacuate right now!’ And I left." ‘HAPPY DAYS’ STAR HENRY WINKLER LOOKS BACK ON 50-YEAR CAREER, REVEALS HOW FONZ'S ICONIC CATCHPHRASE CAME TO BE The "Happy Days" star expressed his gratitude to the firefighters who arrived and extinguished the fire in about an hour, RTE News reported. The outlet also said there were no injuries from the fire, and the hotel quickly reopened once the fire went out. "You know what? How wonderful! Firemen are some of my favorite human beings – firemen and firewomen," Winkler said. "They run in when other people are running out. I think they deserve to be shook [by the hand]." Winkler admitted the fire at his hotel was just the latest hiccup in his travels. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS "We came last night. Our plane was delayed in London for about 3½ hours. This morning we got up and evacuated," Winkler told the outlet. "It was an amazing adventure right here in Dublin. I cannot wait to see the rest of Dublin." After the fire crew was able to control the situation, Winkler took a selfie with some of the men and thanked them for their service. "Thank you Dublin ‘s fire department … our hotel was evacuated on our first morning !!!" he wrote on X, formerly Twitter. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER Winkler shared a second post of himself wearing firefighter gear as he flashed a big grin for the camera. "Joining the firefighters here in Dublin !!!! What a bunch," he wrote. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Entertainment Tonight reported the American actor is visiting Ireland to promote his memoir, " Being Henry: The Fonz … and Beyond," which was released in October.

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