'General Hospital' star Johnny Wactor's funeral held in South Carolina after his fatal shooting in Los Angeles

"General Hospital" star Johnny Wactor was remembered by family and friends at his funeral service in his home state of South Carolina three weeks after he was killed in Los Angeles. The actor died May 25 at the age of 37 after he was fatally shot when he approached three individuals who were attempting to steal his car's catalytic converter in downtown Los Angeles.  On Saturday afternoon, mourners gathered for Wactor's funeral at the Summerville Baptist Church in Summerville, South Carolina. The service was held by Wactor's family, including his mother, Scarlett, and brothers, Grant and Lance. 'GENERAL HOSPITAL' ACTOR JOHNNY WACTOR'S KILLER AT LARGE, LAPD SHARES NEW DETAILS ABOUT THREE SUSPECTS Among the attendees were Wactor's friend Micah Parker and co-worker Anita Joy. Earlier this week, Parker and Grant organized a rally in Los Angeles seeking justice for the actor, whose killers remain at large. In the final moments of his life, Wactor defended Joy by stepping in front of her before he was shot. 'GENERAL HOSPITAL' STAR JOHNNY WACTOR'S HORRIFIC FINAL MOMENTS AFTER BEING SHOT BY 'COWARD' KILLER: CO-WORKER "Laid to Rest. But still so present with us," Parker wrote on Instagram as he shared an image of a framed photo of Wactor. Parker also uploaded an image of floral arrangements and framed portraits of Wactor that were displayed on the steps of the altar during the service. On the photo, he tagged the Instagram page @justiceforjohnnywactor, which provides updates from Wactor's family and friends on the search for his murderers. On her Instagram Story, Joy posted an image of the funeral program, which featured a photo of Wactor, writing, "Today was beautiful for you, Johnny. We love you."  In another post, Joy wrote "Unbelievable. But you are so loved," on a photo of one of Wactor's funeral portraits. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS In an emotional post that Joy shared last month, she recalled how she and Wactor were walking to their cars after a bartending shift at the downtown L.A. bar Level 8 when they encountered the three individuals who were attempting to steal the catalytic converter.  "Johnny was between me and the man who shot him," she wrote. "As I heard the shot ring into the night, he forcefully tumbled back into my arms. As I grabbed for him, I shouted ‘Hunny you ok?!’ And he only responded, ‘Nope! Shot!’ We toppled onto the street where I pushed my legs under him and tried to hold his body up while screaming for help and screaming at him to stay with me."  "I’m so grateful to have been a part of his world and him, mine. My heart is shattered with his loss but I believe l have gained the best guardian Angel out there. I love you Johnny Wacky," Joy concluded.  Scarlett had previously confirmed that Parker and Joy would be attending the service. She told Fox News Digital that she was looking forward to meeting Joy for the first time. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER "I told Anita that ‘God must have big plans for her,’ and then I said, ‘Johnny’s death has got to be bigger than all that,'" Scarlett said. "So, for it to make a change, like what we’re asking the city to do and change, that would at least be something." Wactor's obituary , which was featured in the funeral program, noted that the actor had been murdered while "heroically shielding his co-worker."  " Johnny stood up for what he believed in and remains an example of how to live life with non-negotiable integrity and grit," read the obituary. "He found solace and serenity with his loving family, on the mountain, climbing, being a proud big brother to Lance and Grant, with the boys, just talking to his mother, in play, always outside, in nature." "A man brimming with magnetism and humility. A pure life force, passion Personified, awaking in the early mornings with purpose, ready to go. Johnny’s love will be remembered and felt by all. Forever leaving an everlasting mark on this world." The program also included Bible passages from the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of John and the Book of Job. TRY FOX NEWS' FUN NEW GAMES PAGE, WITH 6 GAMES TO CHOOSE FROM! While speaking with Fox News Digital earlier this week, Scarlett commended the efforts being made by Wactor's friends in Los Angeles, who launched the #JusticeforJohnny movement to find his killers.  As the investigation led by LAPD continues and the movement grows, Scarlett said she is asking "people to continue to pray."  "I really do think justice is coming. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. And I think God’s help is what they’re going to need. Because it sounds like there’s some really weak laws and help for the police department, unfortunately. I feel for them."

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