Meghan Markle, Prince Harry could learn from Princess Madeleine’s decision not to reveal royal secrets: expert

Several royal experts believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can learn a thing or two from the Swedes. Following Princess Madeleine of Sweden's birthday on June 10, the Royal House of Sweden announced that the 42-year-old and her husband, Christopher O’Neill, were relocating back to her home country after living in Florida with their three children. Several royal watchers turned to social media and remarked how the family managed to live a quiet, private life in the U.S., in comparison to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have aired their grievances since moving to California in 2020. PRINCESS MADELEINE OF SWEDEN AND HER FAMILY LEAVING FLORIDA TO MOVE BACK TO HER HOME COUNTRY "Princess Madeleine and Chris don’t seek out fame," Shannon Felton Spence, a former British public affairs official, told Fox News Digital. "They want to live a normal life," she claimed. "Several years ago, her father, the king, took away the titles and HRH of the grandchildren not in the direct line of succession – including Madeleine’s children. There were no complaints from the Swedish court. It was seen as a gift to the grandchildren." Madeleine is the youngest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. In March 2023, the Royal House of Sweden announced that the princess and her family were moving back to Sweden after living in Florida since 2018. The palace noted that the family planned to "relocate to Sweden indefinitely." The move was originally scheduled for August 2023, but it was pushed to this year. "Why Florida? There was a business connection for Chris," Felton Spence explained. "They have also lived in London and New York. They traveled back to Sweden very regularly to take part in official family events, but otherwise were living regular lives abroad." British royals expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital that it’s been speculated that Madeleine was moving back to Sweden so that her children could be immersed in her culture and be educated in her home country while "mastering Swedish perfectly." "Given Swedish royals aren’t allowed to hold jobs, after marrying Princess Madeleine, Christopher O’Neill, a highly educated and extremely accomplished financier, declined both Swedish citizenship, as well as an official title, to continue work as a private citizen in finance," she explained. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER "He’s an example of one marrying into royalty but sticking to his values… rather than to capitalize on anything royal," Fordwich added. In comparison, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had had a bumpy road in relocating to America. In 2020, the couple announced they were stepping back as senior royals, citing what they said were unbearable intrusions and racist attitudes of the British media. The pair moved to the wealthy, coastal city of Montecito, where they've been raising their two children. Since their royal exit, the couple has detailed their rocky relationship with the British royals in TV interviews and a documentary. Harry's 2023 memoir "Spare" exposed raw family rifts and his unhappiness as a royal. Harry, 39, has seen his father infrequently since quitting royal duties. Shortly after his last quick trip to London, the prince told "Good Morning America" that he thought his father’s illness could help bring his family closer. In February, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III had been diagnosed with a form of cancer and was undergoing treatment. A "separate issue of concern" was identified during the monarch's "benign prostate enlargement" procedure at the London Clinic. LIKE WHAT YOU’RE READING? CLICK HERE FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Christopher Andersen, author of "The King," claimed to Fox News Digital that even as her family was faced with scandal, Madeleine kept her head low and instead, immersed herself in her home life and championing causes she’s passionate about. "Princess Madeleine was probably wise to hightail it out of Sweden and raise her family abroad [in the first place]," Andersen claimed. "In 2010, her father was rocked by scandal – accused of taking part in sex parties and frequenting strip clubs, some in the U.S., for years during the early part of his reign. This was all, as one might imagine, much to the mortification of his much-admired wife, Queen Silvia." Carl Gustaf was at the center of public scrutiny when a 2010 book, "The Reluctant Monarch," claimed he had a secret love affair in the ‘90s and frequented strip clubs during foreign visits, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. According to the outlet, critics pointed out at the time that the allegations were "poorly sourced" and were nothing more than "malicious slander." According to the outlet, Carl Gustaf addressed the allegations at his annual moose hunt, where he noted that his family was "turning the page." Andersen said all eyes are now on Madeleine’s sister. "An interesting aside… Madeleine’s eldest sister Victoria will inherit the throne and become the first reigning Swedish queen since the legendary Queen Christina abdicated in 1654," Andersen continued. "Victoria suffers from a rare disorder that makes it [difficult] for her to recognize faces – not exactly convenient for someone destined to spend the rest of her life representing the monarchy at home and abroad." "Rumors [have also] swirled that Victoria’s marriage was on the rocks," Andersen continued. "Last year, her husband Daniel, a former gym owner, gave a rare television interview in which he denied rumors that divorce was on the horizon due to infidelity. "Despite everything, Sweden’s monarchy has had a huge resurgence in popularity recently. The king has tried over the past 15 years to clean up his act, and his subjects are particularly fond of his children and grandchildren." In 2019, the palace announced that Madeleine’s children, as well as the children of her younger brother Prince Carl Philip, are no longer official members of the royal house, People magazine reported. According to the outlet, this meant they're no longer expected to perform official royal duties. Following the announcement, Madeleine took to her Instagram and addressed the news to her followers. "Earlier today, the court announced that Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne will no longer belong to the royal house," she wrote. "This change has been planned for a long time. Chris and I think it’s good that our children are now getting a greater opportunity to shape their own lives as private individuals in the future." The outlet noted that despite losing their title of Royal Highness, Madeleine’s children will retain their titles of prince and princess. However, these titles will become personal, and any future spouses or children won't have a right to them. ITALIAN PRINCE EXPLAINS DECISION TO RENOUNCE THRONE TO FASHION MODEL DAUGHTER, 19 "My guess is that, if she returns to life as a working royal, that status may be reinstated," said Andersen. "If that indeed happens, it might serve as a blueprint for Harry and Meghan’s… return to royal life – assuming that they are even interested." Madeleine and Christopher announced their engagement after dating for two years. The U.S. financier, who has dual British-American citizenship, asked the king for permission to marry the princess, which was granted, People magazine reported at the time. The outlet noted that since he is not a blood relative, he could never be king. Vanity Fair recently reported that despite rumors of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex looking to live part-time in the U.K., Harry isn’t looking for property in his home country. In April, the prince formally confirmed he is a U.S. resident. The filing further separates Harry from his role as one of the king’s counselors of state – members of the royal family who can be deputized to carry out the duties of the monarch if he is unwell or out of the country. 

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