Woman cooks Maggi with milk and chocolate sauce; social media users left appalled

People across the world are crazy for instant noodles as they are time savers and freakishly delicious. In India, Maggi is synonymous with instant noodles. As Maggi fanatics say, ‘it is not food, its an emotion.’ Posting videos of experimenting with instant noodles has become a trend in recent days but many fusion dishes also have also left people irked. A recent video has surfaced on social media featuring Maggi made with milk and chocolate sauce. Anjali Dhingra, a food blogger, shared the video on her personal Instagram profile. “What’s a weird combination that shouldn’t taste good but does?” reads the caption. Here’s the link of the video - https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWScv9CA4aG/? Dhingra explains in the clip that she tried the dish after someone suggested her the recipe. Criticizing her dish, she urges people not to try it as the dish does not taste good. The food blogger first shared the video on 15 November. Since being posted, the video has gathered several comments. Many viewers were left stunned watching their favorite instant noodles being cooked in milk. Many users felt the dish was ridiculous, while others pleaded with the woman to stop making such recipes. This is not the only time Maggi has been a part of such fusion food experiments. Earlier this month, a Ghaziabad vendor cooked Maggi in Fanta. The video of Fanta Maggi went viral on the internet and garnered mixed reactions from viewers. The vendor mentioned in the video that he is really skeptical about trying this dish as this is an unexpected version of Maggi. In September this year, the image of Maggi milkshakes went viral on social media, which featured the instant noodles being submerged in a glass of milk. The picture showed the noodles, topped with peas, being served in a glass of milk. The photo caused a huge debate on social media, with several users saying that experimenting with the beloved dish had gone too far. Many users were disgusted by the combination and slammed it on social media. Read all the Latest News , Trending News , Cricket News , Bollywood News , India News and Entertainment News here. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

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