Anand Mahindra requests Nitin Gadkari to install this 'ingenious' technology in India: Watch

Industrialist Anand Mahindra is often seen pushing innovative solutions to climate change and global warming issues. Now, the industrialist after getting inspired from the Istanbul Technical University has shared an idea that can produce electricity from traffic. The Mahindra Group chairman referred to a system in which turbines are installed in the middle of a road to generate electricity by turning the wind created by moving vehicles into energy. Mahindra posted a video on his Twitter handle, showing the new technology in action in Istanbul. Considering India's traffic, the billionaire said if we employ this technology, we can become a global force in wind energy. He also tagged Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, asking if these can be deployed on our highways. Have a look: The Enlil portable turbines being used in Turkey can also measure CO2 levels in the air and generate 1 KW of power each hour. The video went viral soon after it was posted on social media. It garnered numerous comments in favour of the use of this innovative technology. One of the users described this idea as extremely useful adding, "Let's use our traffic for energy generation." Another said, "Amazing power generation." According to one user, some Indian students have already developed this technology, but it is yet to be implemented. In a critical tone, the user asserted that "we are waiting for the West to accept it first". Several others have expressed reservations about the technology. Calling it "utterly useless," here's what a user wrote: One user remarked that this system will not be a safe option as people will "steal it in India." Will this system be really beneficial to India? What are your thoughts?

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