60-feet bridge stolen in Bihar by thieves posing as govt officials; Twitter burst into meme fest

A gang of thieves pulled off an extraordinary heist in broad daylight as they managed to steal a 60-feet defunct iron bridge of 45 years across the Ara-Sone Canal in Rohtas district of Bihar. According to the villagers, the robbery was executed in three days with the help of unwitting local officials and residents. The thieves pretending to be the officers of the State Irrigation Department used gas cutters, JCB, and other types of equipment to pull off the bridge and drake away the scrap metal in three days. The crafty scrap metal robbers had been slowly peeling off the bridge over the last 5 years after an adjacent concrete bridge was made functional. The villagers got stunned after witnessing the miraculous event of disappearing a 500-ton steel bridge overnight. The bridge was built in 1972 at Amiyawar village over the Ara-Sone Canal. The locals have been using an adjoining concrete bridge as the steel one was declared dangerous. Arshad Kamal Shamshi who is a Junior Engineer said that an FIR has been lodged from the irrigation department against those unidentified thieves. According to Nasriganj SHO Subhash Kumar’s statement to IANS , the process of making sketches of the unknown thieves is underway and scrap dealers are also alerted regarding any such materials to their knowledge. As soon as the news came out, it grabbed the eyes of social media users. The bizarre incident left the internet stunned for quite some time. Users couldn’t believe how thieves could steal an entire 500-ton bridge. Bursting into laughter, Twitter users shared some funny opinions and reactions soon after the news was put up by ANI on their official account. Here are some of the funny reactions of users: Bridge hie chura liya ❓❓❓‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ #Bihar — GUERRIER (@porcupine1975) April 9, 2022 //
// ]]> pic.twitter.com/hISrG7Ijux — Shubham Dutt (@shubhamdutt13) April 9, 2022 //
// ]]> Bihari bridge bhi chura lete hai pic.twitter.com/0hJvjyRP8i — Dr. Shubham ☃️ (@jatayuuuu) April 9, 2022 //
// ]]> A horse travels in a local train in West Bengal & Theives steal an iron bridge in Bihar! There is so much happening in India beside Nimbu prices! — Col AJ (@ajaykraina) April 9, 2022 //
// ]]> Last year, in this area, sand worth Rs 200 crores were seized from the sand mafia and the incident had also grabbed much attention on the internet. Countries like the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and the US also experienced bridge-theft cases over the past few years.  

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