Sashi Tharoor pokes internet memers with Kishore Kumar-hit over his chat with Supriya Sule

A filmy video of the interaction between Thiruvananthapuram Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and NCP’s Supriya Sule in Parliament caught the attention of eagle-eyed internet users and this triggered a gamut of memes and jokes across social media. Finally, on Thursday, the Congress leader revealed the topic of their conversation affirming that the NCP MP from Baramati was asking him a policy question as she was the next to address her speech. It all started from the proceedings on 5 April when a short-duration discussion was held on Ukraine's situation. Senior National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah was delivering a speech in front of the Lok Sabha speaker on the Russia-Ukraine War. As Tharoor and Sule had their seats right behind Abdullah, the NCP leader didn’t want to disturb him. During the exchange of words, Tharoor had to lean over his desk to hear Sule speaking so softly. Sashi Tharoor who is known for his humour, took to his Twitter account to explain the actual incident. He also tagged Supriya Sule in his Twitter post. For all those who've been enjoying themselves at @supriyaSule 's &my expense over our brief exchange in the Lok Sabha, she was asking me a policy question because she was about to speak next. She was speaking softly so as not to disturb FarooqSahib, so i leaned over to hear her.

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