Apple Fixes Studio Display Update Issue Caused by Unverified Software

It was recently reported that some Studio Display users were unable to update their displays to the latest firmware. Apple took note of the issue and it has now issued a fix for the problem. As it turns out, the issue stemmed from the software being unverified by Apple's servers. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.
Apple Has Fixed the Studio Display Software Update Issue Caused by the Software Being Unverified By Servers
It was previously reported on Twitter that the latest firmware build for the Studio Display was not signed by Apple since last week (via MacRumors ). This disallowed users from updating their Studio Display software to the latest version. Once the issue was discovered, Apple resigned iOS 15.4 software update, allowing users to update to the latest iOS 15.4 version.

Apple stopped signing iOS 15.4 on 4/7
On 4/8, users started reporting that they couldn't update the Studio Display to iOS 15.4 Firmware.
As of one hour ago, iOS 15.4 Firmware for the Studio Display (Appledisplay2,1) is being signed again
The firmware update installing now! 
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