Rajasthan's Kumawat community prohibits grooms with beard from getting married, here's why

Kumawat community of Rajasthan's Pali district has come up with a strange rule that will not allow youths with beards to get married. Yes, you read that right! Authorities of as many as 19 villages of the Pali district said that only youths who are clean shaven will be allowed to get married. According to  News Nation , a resolution passed by the community mentioned that fashion was okay but beard would not be allowed in the name of fashion as the groom was seen as a king. The Panchayat of the village even objected to Bandoli DJ dances and has prohibited them. Selling and consumption of opium has also been banned during the wedding ceremonies. The resolution further added that if people were found to spend extravagantly on clothes and decorations to organise theme-based haldi ceremonies, they would be required to pay a fine. These rules are applicable to not just the people living in Pali but also who hail from the district. About 20,000 people from the 19 villages of the Kumawat community have shifted to different cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat and southern states. They will also be required to follow the rules even if they performed rituals in the cities they are living in. Community member, Laxminarain was of the view that the lavish weddings these days have become a cause of concern for those who are from the middle-class and lower-middle-class families of the community. So, a decision was taken to make the wedding ceremonies simple. Earlier, in another incident, a list of wedding rules that were to be followed by the guests had gone viral on social media that asked them to get a gift of at least Rs 5,000 if they wanted to attend the wedding. What do you think of Kumawat community's resolution? Read all the Latest News , Trending News ,  Cricket News , Bollywood News , India News and Entertainment News here. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

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