Apple Will Now Allow Third-Party Store Alternatives in Europe Following EU Mandate

Apple and iOS are known for being pretty closed off from other app stores . For over a decade, the only place you could download applications would be from the App Store (comparatively, Samsung phones could access Samsung’s own storefront and Google Play, respectively). Today, though, that looks like it’s changing.
Due to regulation changes in the European Union, Apple’s begun work on a project that will “allow alternative app stores” on iPhones and iPads, according to a Bloomberg report . This breaks the 15-year tradition that iOS products had and could launch about as early as iOS 17 when that releases next year. However, for the time being , this feature will only be available in the EU (and its respective countries).
What’s interesting to note is that this is a sort of waterfall effect from the Epic v. Apple lawsuit that took up a fair chunk of 2020 and 2021 . If you remember, Apple went and removed Fortnite from the store after Epic gave players an option to pay the developers directly, which circumvented rules set in place on the App Store (a 30% cut of generated revenue).
That lawsuit ended in Fortnite still being removed from iOS devices to this day . However, both companies lost out massively in the very public debacle. Well, at least until Epic Games found a workaround .
Anyways, back to the ramifications of the iOS changes. Reportedly, Apple’s given thought to maintaining some security requirements even for things outside its store. One such method requires verification in some manner, which is an avenue that Apple could monetize. This story is currently still developing, and we’ll provide updates where available.
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