Galaxy S23 Will Continue Receiving Software Updates Until 2028

Out of the box, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 lineup will ship with Android 13, along with the company’s newest One UI skin. While that should be expected, especially when these models start from $799.99, how long does the Korean firm intend to support these devices long-term? The answer is quite a few years, and let us provide some extra details on it.
For those that care about annual major software updates, Samsung will provide a total of four of them
At this time, Samsung offers the best software support for any Android smartphone maker. Specific handsets from the company will receive four major OS updates, including the Galaxy S23. What this means is that assuming Google sticks with its usual software naming scheme, Samsung will roll out Android 17 support for the smartphones it announced today. 2026 will be the last year that these devices will receive major annual updates.
Even then, Samsung intends to support the Galaxy S23 family in the form of security updates, and if you care about your handset being secure from external threats, this bit of news is important for you. Security patches will continue to get rolled out, so it is possible that the Galaxy S23 lineup continues to receive updates until 2028, which is a significantly long time. However, do note that these security patches will slowly dwindle in terms of launch frequency.
As the Galaxy S23 continues to get older, these security updates will switch to monthly, then quarterly, updates, though the decision lies with Samsung. Normally, it makes little sense to roll out monthly updates for smartphone models that are several years old since that requires additional resources and manpower, which Samsung could allocate to its more recent launch, which, in 2028, could be called Galaxy S28.
Regardless, no other Android phone maker has been able to match Samsung’s software launch efforts. Even Google, a company responsible for developing the mobile operating system, will only provide three years of major annual updates for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.
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