The Galaxy S23 Ultra Has a Comparatively Flatter Screen Than the Predecessor

Samsung released the Galaxy S23 series last night, and while the base model and the plus variant are still entirely flat, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a curved screen. But according to a new revelation, Samsung has reduced the curvature on the phone by a significant margin, allowing for a better overall experience.
The company has been releasing curved phones for as long as one can remember. However, that changed when the company came out with the Galaxy S20 series, as the curved screens became less prominent. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ had completely flat screens, but the S22 Ultra had a curved screen, which wasn't as prominent as before.
Samsung is slowly moving away from curved screens as Galaxy S23 Ultra has a significantly reduced curvature
Now, Samsung is taking that trend further with the Galaxy S23 Ultra because the South Korean firm has decided to reduce the curvature even further. The company confirmed to 9to5Google that the curved glass on the sides of the new flagship had been reduced by 30%.
What this does is that it increases the completely flat surface by 3%, and while it might seem like a very small increase, in person, you can see the difference. This is what Samsung had to say,
The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s expansive 6.8-inch edge display is sharper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as the display has a reduced curvature by 30% to create a larger and flatter surface area by ~3% for the best visual experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
The curved screens look good, but they pose a few risks. For instance, curved screens are more susceptible to breaking, and the repair cost is also higher. Not to mention, if you are someone who uses screen protectors on their phones, finding a good quality protector is also an issue because curved screen protectors are among the worst when it comes to durability. So, by reducing the curvature of the Galaxy S23 Ultra's screen, Samsung has done something good, but let's see how far this goes into the future smartphones.
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