The Galaxy S23 Can Run Genshin Impact With 120Hz Refresh Rate

120Hz refresh rate has been a reality for Android phones for some time now, yet there are still people who claim that they cannot see above 60Hz. The smoothness that a higher refresh rate provides cannot be doubted. Gaming on 120Hz is also a lot of fun, and if this latest piece of information is anything to go by, then fan favorite Genshin Impact could run at 120Hz on the Galaxy S23 series .
Galaxy S23 becomes the first phone to run Genshin Impact at a 120Hz refresh rate
According to a tweet by Tech_Reve , the poster suggests that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in particular, will be able to run Genshin Impact at 120Hz, making it the first phone to run this game at a higher frame rate. However, we are not sure if this will be limited to the ultra variant or if the remaining two devices will also be able to run the game at a higher refresh rate.

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