You Will Soon be Able to Zoom In on Stories in Instagram, Allowing You to Examine Details Up Close

Instagram is one of the top photo-sharing social media platforms on the market. The Meta-owned company introduces new features every now and then to retain its user base and attract potential customers. Instagram blatantly ripped off Snapchat's story feature in the past and enhanced it with a boatload of extensions to call the feature it's own. Previously, you did not have the option to zoom into Stories, but a future update might let you. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.
Instagram will soon allow you to zoom in on Stories, a feature that has been present on Signal for a long time
According to the latest, Instagram is working on a new feature to let users zoom in on Stories. When users previously uploaded Stories on their accounts, their followers could not zoom into the image or video. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared the news on Twitter, demonstrating the feature in action in a short video. This will be the first time the company is embedding the Zoom feature in Stories.
Currently, you do have the option available to zoom into photos and even videos on the feed. The new addition is more than a welcome addition as it would allow users to zoom into details such as text and analyze products up close. As for the operation, you might already be familiar with the pinch-to-zoom mechanism. All you have to do is pinch out on the point of the image that you want to zoom and you are good to go.

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