Brooke Shields details why she revealed rape 30 years later: ‘It’s a miracle that I survived’

More than three decades later, Brooke Shields is opening up about being sexually assaulted and explains why she’s ready to share her story. "It’s taken me this long to process it… I was never ready prior. I had to process it in my own way and on my own terms," Shields said during an interview with People magazine. "Everybody processes their own trauma on a different timeline… it just felt like the right time now." Shields, 57, said the unwanted sexual encounter took place in her 20s after she met with an unnamed Hollywood professional to discuss a film opportunity. She detailed the experience in her new documentary, "Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields." BROOKE SHIELDS REVEALS WHY HER DAUGHTERS WERE MAD ABOUT HER NEW DOCUMENTARY "I thought I was getting a movie, a job," Shields explained. After having dinner with the Hollywood executive, he invited her to make a call for a cab from his hotel room where the sexual assault happened. "I didn't fight… I just froze," Shields remarked. BROOKE SHIELDS CLAIMS SHE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED IN HER 20S IN NEW DOCUMENTARY: 'I JUST SHUT IT OUT' "The Blue Lagoon" actress reflected on the uncomfortable encounter and noted she blamed herself after the assault. "I kept saying, 'I shouldn't have done that. Why did I go up with him? I shouldn't have had that drink at dinner.' "Doing the documentary, you see it all together, and it's a miracle that I survived," Shields told the media outlet. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER After the attack, to protect herself, Shields had the mindset that none of it was "real life" and remained "shut off" from situations. The mother of two said she’s releasing the tell-all documentary to be "an advocate for women to be able to speak their truth." Shields shares Rowan Francis, 19, and Grier Hammond, 16, with husband Chris Henchy. Despite experiencing the "lowest point" of her career amid the sexual assault, the model said she was grateful to continue being part of projects.  "To still love to hate the industry, but still love what I do… still get a chance to do it, to me that is a testament to talent and perseverance… "I always kept going, like a bull in a china shop," she said. "I will not be defeated."

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