Google Badly Wants iPhone Users To Switch To The New Pixel Fold As It Offers Staggering Trade-In Values

Google recently announced its highly-anticipated Pixel Fold smartphone, which directly competes against Samsung's Galaxy Fold lineup. While the device makes hefty promises in terms of design and functionality, it remains to be seen how it stacks up against Samsung and Oppo's new flagship foldable. The new Pixel Fold is available at a massive $1,799 price tag which makes it one of the most expensive smartphones right now. Moreover, the higher storage variant costs upward of $1,900. To increase its sale and make the new Pixel Fold relevant, Google is overpaying for iPhone trade-in values as it wants users to make a switch.
Google paying a staggering amount on iPhone trade-ins in an attempt to lure users to make a switch to the Pixel Fold
The Google Pixel phone will be available to all users starting next month, and ahead of the availability, the search engine giant has enough time to lure iPhone users. According to the latest findings, Google is offering a massive value to iPhone users who are looking to get their hands on the new Pixel Fold. Typically, Apple offers decent trade-in values for iPhones when users wish to upgrade to the latest models. Google, on the other hand, is overpaying iPhone users so they can easily switch to the new foldable Pixel with a vanilla Android experience.
Apart from Apple, even third-party services do not offer such trade-in values as Google. For comparison, we will share the numbers in contrast to what Apple offers for some iPhone models. For the base iPhone 14 Pro model with 128GB of storage space, Google is offering a staggering $900 in trade-in value. The amount is only $100 short of getting a new iPhone 14 Pro. As for older models, Google is offering $850 for the iPhone 13 Pro, which is $320 more than what Apple is offering.

Google is also offering a trade-in for its Pixel 7 Pro, which is a lot less than it launched at. For instance, you will get $380 for the Pixel 7 Pro while it was launched at $899 for the base model. There is no doubt that Google wants iPhone users to make a switch to the new Pixel Fold as its most glorified and technologically advanced handset. However, it remains to be seen how Google's dire needs are reflected. It was recently coined by Warren Buffett that iPhone users would give up a second car than give up their iPhone. Henceforth, the results would surely be interesting.
Apple is yet to step into the foldable industry, and it gives time to the competition to make its name stand out. Currently, Samsung holds the torch, leading foldable smartphones to the norm. The company is exploring and potentially working on a foldable iPhone , but details remain scarce at this stage. Apple will possibly release a foldable iPhone in the coming years, which could redirect the industry to a new equilibrium. This is all there is to it, folks. We will share more detail on Google's trade-in values toward the Pixel Fold. Are you willing to make the switch? Let us know in the comments.
Written by Ali Salman

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