Apple’s AR Headset Was Seemingly Tried Out By Oculus Founder, Judging By His Small, But Significant Tweet

The Apple AR headset could be the company’s most polarizing product to date, but to the founder of Oculus, the mixed-reality head-mounted wearable has apparently put an excellent first impression, if his tweet is anything to go by. However, one individual’s positive feedback is not going to do any wonders for the success of this device because, as it stands, Apple has to sell a ton of these.
Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, says that the Apple AR headset ‘is so good,’ signifying how impressed he is with the product
Alongside one report stating that Apple’s AR headset will possess capabilities that far exceed the competition , on Twitter, Palmer Luckey put out a small but rather important tweet regarding the mixed-reality headset. Luckey’s tweet suggests that he has been given somewhat of a demo, and from the looks of it, he appears to be in love with it. Earlier, we reported that Apple’s top 100 executives were given a sneak peek  of the device, but Luckey’s name was not mentioned.
It is possible that the Oculus founder and Apple had some private arrangement where Luckey was invited for a separate viewing of the AR headset. Knowing Apple and its propensity for guarding any and all valuable information about its products, the arrangement could have involved the technology giant’s management and legal team consulting with Luckey, asking him to put out a tweet in the month of May to build some hype of the headset.

The Apple headset is so good.
— Palmer Luckey (@PalmerLuckey) May 14, 2023

Given that Luckey and Oculus are credited with reviving the VR industry, Apple chose the right individual to call and provide a demonstration of the AR headset. However, even if Luckey completely endorses the product, it is not a guarantee that the device will be an immediate success. According to an earlier estimation, Apple could only ship around 300,000 units  of its ‘Reality Pro,’ which is said to be the official name of the headset.
At its rumored $3,000 price, the AR headset is only said to generate $900 million in revenue, not even touching the billion-dollar mark. However, Apple is not banking on its first model to drive the company’s earnings to a new plateau, but fully committed to this product range should help drive more sales when future models arrive. In fact, Apple’s second AR headset is said to be cheaper , which should make for a very interesting unveiling in a couple of years.
Written by Omar Sohail

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