Download: Apple Releases iOS 16.5 Updated Release Candidate Build For iPhone

Today, Apple has seen fit to release the updated release candidate build of its upcoming iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.5 to developers. The latest build arrives a week after the company seeded the first release candidate build to developers. The second build is potentially the last update before the company releases iSO 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 to developers. Scroll down to read more details on when Apple will release the final version of its upcoming update to the public.
Apple releases iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 Release Candidate Build 2 to developers for testing
If you are a registered developer and want to check out the latest beta for yourself, it can be downloaded directly on your iPhone without a configuration profile. This is a new mechanism through which Apple will allow registered developers to download the latest betas without having to install a standalone configuration profile for the respective updates. The company is also offering the same mechanism for macOS, allowing developers to install the latest build with one less step involved. Check out the latest iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 release candidate build and what it brings to the table.

If you are willing to give the updated release candidate build a swing, it can be downloaded from the stock Settings app on your iPhone. Simply head over to Settings > General > Software Update > Betas Updates and toggle it on for iOS 16 or iPadOS 16. As for what the latest beta will have in store are a new Pride Wallpaper, a dedicated Sports tab in Apple News, and a boatload of bug fixes for a fluid experience.
It was covered last week that Apple will release the final build of iOS 16.5 this week. While the company has seeded the updated release candidate build today, the final build could potentially arrive tomorrow. If the update is not released tomorrow, the company could release it next week but it is very unlikely. Are you looking forward to the new build? Let us know in the comments.
Written by Ali Salman

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