How to Add Google Bard AI Chatbot to iPhone Home Screen

Google Bard AI is taking over headlines and you can test it out right now. How about you add it to your iPhone Home Screen and make it easier to access, too?
Using Bard AI a Lot on iPhone? Give it a Place on the Home Screen and Have it on Access with a Single Tap Only
Bard is Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While ChatGPT users simply argue that Bard is not good enough, but one can’t ignore the fact that Bard is available in its entirety to pretty much everyone in the world. You have to pay for ChatGPT if you want access to all the latest features. This may change down the line for Bard, but Google is a winner in this area.
One key area where ChatGPT simply wins is a dedicated iPhone app . So far, Bard doesn’t have that luxury, and we’re hopeful it will make it to our phones as a dedicated app sooner or later. However, you can still add Bard to your iPhone’s Home Screen, if you like. Sure, it might not be a full-fledged app, but it gives you access to Bard with a single tap of an icon.
Before you begin, launch Safari and set up Google Bard, if you haven’t already. You can do this by going to:
You will be required to accept all disclaimers and sign in with your Google account (obviously). Once everything is done, you will see the Bard UI with a text bar underneath to input text.

Let’s wrap it by by adding Bard to the Home Screen.

See that Share button right in the center in the bottom bar inside Safari? Tap on it to reveal more options. Now scroll down and tap on Add to Home Screen , give the bookmark a name, or just call it Bard like I have and then tap on Add at the top right hand corner.

Whenever you want to access Bard without typing in the complete URL in Safari, tap on the newly added icon from your iPhone’s Home Screen.

I agree that this is not a very good solution. But, it is as long as there’s no official app for it on iPhone. This method ensures you get access to Google’s chatbot in a single tap instead of several ones.
My experience with Bard has been hit or miss at best. When compared directly with ChatGPT, it obviously feels inferior in certain places. Both chatbots have their own pros and cons, and if you’re well invested in the Google ecosystem, then it’s best to stick with what the Mountain View company has made.
Bard might not have an answer to everything therefore you have to use keywords carefully if you want an answer that is tailored to you. For example, you can things like ‘based on pseudo science who built the Giza pyramids?’ things will suddenly get very, very interesting. Basically, you have to guide Bard properly if you want the most out of it, otherwise it will act like a regular search result.
Hope this helps. Let us know in the comments section below if this tutorial was useful to you.
Written by Uzair Ghani

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