Martin Scorsese meets with Pope Francis, announces plans to make a new film about Jesus

Move aside Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro – Pope Francis is famed director Martin Scorsese’s latest collaborator. On a European tour to promote his films, Scorsese announced his intention to make another movie about Jesus while at the Vatican. "I have responded to the Pope’s appeal to artists in the only way I know how: by imagining and writing a screenplay for a film about Jesus," "Scorsese said per reports confirmed by his representative. "And I’m about to start making it," Scorsese shared. MARTIN SCORSESE BASHES STREAMING SERVICES, CRITIQUES THE CURRENT 'DEVALUED' STATE OF THE FILM INDUSTRY Scorsese's rep told Fox News Digital they had no additional information on the project. Scorsese was accompanied by his wife, Helen Morris, at a conference promoted in partnership by a Jesuit publication, La Civiltà Cattolica and Georgetown Univeristy.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER According to Antonio Spadaro, editor of the publication, Pope Francis told an audience of multiple creatives, "This is your work as poets, storytellers, filmmakers, artists: to give life, to give body, to give word to everything that human beings live, feel, dream, suffer, creating harmony and beauty.... Will they criticize you? All right, carry the burden of criticism, also trying to learn from criticism. But still, don't stop being original, creative. Do not lose the wonder of being alive." Spadaro thanked the director for attending with both his wife and his daughter. This would not be the first religious project for Scorsese. The famed director previously made controversial picture " The Last Temptation of Christ ," in 1988 for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for best director. He also made the 2016 film "Silence," which follows a journey of two Jesuit priests. Earlier in the week, Scorsese made an appearance at Cannes Film Festival , promoting his upcoming project with DiCaprio and De Niro, " Killers of the Flower Moon ." His Italian tour will continue this week with multiple screenings of his movies, as well as art inspired by his work.

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