Pixel Watch 2 to Get Some Stellar Upgrades Such as Significantly Better Battery Life, Loads of Sensors, and a Snapdragon Chip Under the Hood

Earlier this month, there was a revelation that Pixel Watch 2 exists and will launch alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro later this year. Now, our friends over at 9to5Google have acquired some stellar information about the upcoming smartwatch from Google, indicating that the watch is getting a heap of new upgrades, and will definitely be a worthy contender against all the other smartwatches in the market.
The latest information indicates that Pixel Watch 2 could be one of the best Wear OS 4-powered smartwatches this year
So, what are you getting with the Pixel Watch 2? The source reveals that you are getting the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset from the W5 generation for wearables. The processor has been out since last year, and we have seen it have an outing in several watches that have come out ever since and have proven themselves to be reliable across the board. Compared to the original Pixel Watch, which had two cores, the W5 chipsets come with four cores, which should significantly improve performance.
Another upgrade that you can expect in the Pixel Watch 2 happens to be in the name of battery life. The source claims that Google is aiming to deliver a full-day battery life with AOD turned on. The original was rated at 24 hours as well, but with AOD turned off. This indicates that there will be several opportunities for users to improve the battery life of their new watch by tinkering with the settings and turning off features they don't need. Combined with the new Wear OS 4, I can expect a lot of improvements on the software side that will make the battery really good.
The last piece of information comes from the fact that the Pixel Watch 2 will bring some health sensors from its Fitbit counterparts. This means that Google's upcoming smartwatch could end up offering advanced features such as continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor that can be used for stress management and tracking, along with a plethora of other health-oriented features that would make their way to the new watch.
Honestly, despite not being a fan of smartwatches, I do have to say that the Pixel Watch 2i s looking promising in all aspects. The watch should be going official later this year along with the Pixel 8 series, and we will be providing you with full coverage as we get to unearth all the details in the coming months. Until then, stay tuned!
Written by Furqan Shahid

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