Apple’s AR Headset Features a Complex Design With a Curved Display and Bent Internals, Posing Threat to Durability

Apple is ready to launch its AR Headset next week which will be the company's first major product launch since the Apple Watch. While the device is oriented toward developers, content creators, and professionals, the company is also working on budget variants for the future. We have previously heard numerous delays related to Apple's AR Headset's launch and most of them revolved around production issues. A new report highlights that despite production challenges, Apple's AR Headset will have unique features in store for users. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.
AR Headset will feature a curved display on the outer shell with bent motherboards on the inside
According to a new report from The Information , Wayne Ma shares interesting insights on the production process of Apple's AR Headset. Long story short, AR Headset production involves various complexities which are only one of the reasons why the device will be priced at almost $3,000 . The report suggests that the headset is Apple's "most complicated hardware" ever due to its unconventional design and shape.
In terms of design, Apple's AR Headset will feature curved glass on the front. While curved glass is harder to manufacture, it also poses a durability threat. What this means is that the display on the headset could be less durable than the display on the iPhone unless Apple implements a protective solution. Since the headset will have a curved design to fit better on a user's face, the internal components would have to be curved as well.
The report mentions that the motherboard inside Apple's AR Headset is bent as well, contributing negatively to the durability of the device. According to Ma, Apple had to develop a dedicated solution for components to fit inside the curved exterior of the headset. The challenges stretched to fitting lenses in the thin frame. The headset is being manufactured in the same facility where Apple tested its long-lost AirPower accessory. While the accessory failed to see daylight due to overheating and production issues, we hope the headset does share the same fate.

It was previously reported that Apple is not planning to sell millions of units of AR Headset initially. The company will potentially sell half a million units of the headset in a year from its availability. As mentioned earlier, the device will not be oriented towards the mass market as of now as Apple would require developers to test out the headset to devise and develop relevant applications.
Apple is scheduled to host its WWDC event on June 5 where it will see fit to announce iOS 17, watchOS 10, and a bunch of other updates alongside the AR Headset and the 15-inch MacBook Air . We will be covering the event extensively, so be sure to stick around. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.
Written by Ali Salman

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