Delhi murder: New video shows Sakshi running minutes before being stabbed by Sahil

A new video of horrific murder in Delhi has come to fore in which the victim, 16-year-old old Hindu girl, Sakshi, can been seen running in a lane minutes before she was brutally stabbed by her alleged boyfriend Sahil.
The CCTV footage of the road in Northwest Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy area where the minor girl was spotted was the same where she was stabbed by knife three minutes later.
Sahil, 20-year-old AC and fridge mechanic, kicked the girl and smashed her head with a stone even when she went still after receiving at least 16 stabs from a knife.
After murdering the teenage girl, Sahil fled to his aunt’s place in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. He was arrested from there the next day.

CCTV Footage of sakshi murder case
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During interrogation, Sahil told that he was angry over the girl ignoring him. He also alleged that her male friends had threatened to beat him up during an altercation a day before the murder.
Police said Sahil did not show any sign of remorse and was mostly calm as he confessed to the crime.
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"It seemed he was 'guilt free'," a report by ToI quoted police as saying.
Sahil also told the police that he bought the knife, with which he killed the girl on Sunday (28 May), from Haridwar in Uttarakhand. He later changes his version and said that he got the sharp object from Dehradun.
He also claimed that he got the knife to show "clout" in the neighbourhood and for his safety.
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In a FIR filed by the girl's father, he stated that his daughter had become friends with Sahil around a year ago. The complaint also states that the teenager's parents would often ask her not to engage with him since she was still a minor but she paid no heed.
The two-day police custody of Sahil ends today.
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Meanwhile, the girl's former boyfriend Praveen, who is also in his 20s, has been asked to join the investigation. He is in Uttar Pradesh's Jaunpur and has been asked to come to Delhi.
With inputs from agencies
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