Apple’s Mac Pro Announcement At WWDC 2023 Was Less Than Three Minutes Long, From A Keynote That Exceeded Two Hours In Duration

For a product that is supposed to represent the absolute best in performance, Apple refrained from making any efforts to extend the announcement duration of the Mac Pro at its WWDC 2023 keynote. This can mean that the company may have different plans for its workstation, which we will be discussing here.
Apple’s tvOS announcement at WWDC 2023 was actually longer than the Mac Pro’s
The WWDC 2023 keynote lasted for more than two hours as there was a bevy of announcements. One surprise entrant, at least for us, was the Mac Pro, and its launch also meant a great deal of significance since it would be the last Mac that had to transition to the Apple Silicon. Even then, with its powerful M2 Ultra , the workstation powerhouse was given bare minimum attention at the keynote, lasting for only two and a half minutes, according to the Twitter account Constant Geekery.
Apple also kept the older chassis for all those years while giving it a specifications makeover, suggesting that the Mac Pro might slowly be phased out in favor of more portable machines like the Mac Studio. In case you did not notice, both models can be kitted out with the same hardware, so why sell the two simultaneously?

In the 2+ hour #WWDC23 Keynote, Apple devoted less than 2 and a half minutes to Mac Pro.
What do you make of that?
— Constant Geekery (@ConstantGeekery) June 6, 2023

It is possible that Apple invested plenty of resources in the Mac Pro’s design and cooling with the Intel Xeon processors running underneath the hood, so it wants to recoup those funds before singing its farewell to the product. Adding a little fun fact about the WWDC 2023 keynote, YouTuber Vadim Yuryev, who is the host of the channel Max Tech, mentioned on Twitter  that Apple spent more time talking about tvOS than it did talking about the Mac Pro.
For lack of a better word, this revelation surprised us, especially when tvOS is one of Apple’s least popular software platforms out there. We should also point out that despite featuring seven PCIe Gen 4 slots, the Apple Silicon Mac Pro does not support AMD Radeon GPUs . This can mean that either the company thinks that its M2 Ultra is more than capable of handling the same graphically intensive tasks as those chunky graphic cards or the lack of functionality suggests that Apple does not intend to support the Mac Pro long.
Written by Omar Sohail

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