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  1. 6,000 answers to questions from Yardeners
         Lawn and garden resources for homeowners whose garden is not their hobby.
  2. Garden Ideas
         Articles and advice on a variety of gardening topics.
         Offers a collection of garden reference materials, including a plant gallery and profiles,
  4. Let's Go Gardening
         General gardening site, with versions geared towards US and UK gardeners. Tips and article
  5. LoveToKnow Garden
         Short informational articles on gardening topics, vegetables, and ornamental plants, contr
  6. MyGardenGuide
         Offers plant database with photos and summary information, questions and answers on variou
  7. Ohio State University PlantFacts
         Collection of horticultural resources, including a search engine drawing from U.S. univers
  8. P. Allen Smith Garden Home
         TV host, writer, and professional gardener, P. Allen Smith provides tips on a variety of g
  9. The Garden Helper
         Offers basic information, seasonal tips and task lists, plant indexes by common and botani

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