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  1. BioCoRE
         The Biological Collaborative Research Environment (BioCoRE) for Structural Biology is a we
  2. Biomagnetic Wiki and Forum
         Provides access to documentation and community developed code as well as community discuss
  3. BioMagResBank
         Database for NMR spectroscopy information on biomolecules hosted at the University of Wisc
  4. Biophysics
         Information from Wikipedia on this interdisciplinary science that employs and develops the
  5. Biophysics
         Introductory article on biophysics from Physics Planet.
  6. Dr. Victor Yang
         Dr Yang is Assistant Professor, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ryerson Univers
  7. Ilya Balabin
         Works on large-scale computational biochemistry and biophysics, bioinformatics, molecular
  8. Nucleic Acid Hydration
         Annotated overview of the hydration of nucleic acids along with proteins and polysaccharid
  9. Physics Woven Fine
         Science, particularly physics and biophysics, can explain many processes in physiology and

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