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  1. American Physical Society Statements
         Discussion on ethics and values, education, human rights, and national policy, from a phys
  2. Belgian Biosafety Server
         Focusing on scientific and regulatory aspects of biosafety, with regard to human activitie
  3. Biosociety
         Provides information on European Union socio-economic research in the life sciences. Featu
  4. Forum on Physics and Society
         Division of the American Physical Society for discussion of science and society issues.
  5. House Science and Technology Committee
         The science committee in the 110th congress, chaired by Bart Gordon.
  6. Ingenious
         This project by the British Science Museum and other museums brings together images and vi
  7. Negrotti, Massimo
         Director of the Lab for the Culture of the Artificial, University of Urbino, Italy. Page i
  8. Science and Society
         This initiative at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory aims to promote a better unde

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