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  1. Association Works
         Dallas-based consulting firm that provides executive search, relationship assessment, lead
  2. Bellanet International Secretariat
         Supports collaboration and information-sharing among international development organizatio
  3. Faith and Philanthropy Institute
         Supports faith-based and community organizations through training and research. Informatio
  4. Idea list
         Directory of nonprofit web resources: 16,000 organizations in 130 countries; resources for
  5. IGC - Institute for Global Communications
         Nonprofit, provides alternative sources of information, and comprehensive Internet service
  6. International World History Project
         Provides an overview of Western history from ancient Sumeria to the present, including pro
  7. Million Souls Aware
         A not-for-profit project aiming to raise awareness of issues of concern. Once a million pe
  8. Non Prophet
         Weblog dealing with nonprofit sector issues.
  9. Nonprofit Risk Management Network
         Provides risk management assistance and resources for community-serving nonprofit organiza
  10. Online Nonprofit Information Center
         Details and ordering information for publications on starting and running a nonprofit orga
  11. We Care Too
         Offers free services to the not-for-profit community including various fundraising program

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