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  1. Art Horse Studio
         A sculpting firm offers gothic and contemporary sculpture for residential, corporate, or c
  2. Eppley, Brian
         Pennsylvania artist working with a palette knife creating loose figurative works based mos
  3. Espace
         Canadian sculpture magazine with interviews, in-depth articles and special issues related
  4. Evans, Stephen
         Australian artist whose paintings focus on Sydney and other Australian beaches, and still
  5. Jean Mason
         Artwork to make you think and wonder. Bright, bold colors.
  6. Larissa Makeeva
         Featuring the abstract, contemporary, modern and traditional paintings of an artist from G
  7. Markham, Jerry R
         Canadian artist and plein air painter specializing in landscape, wildlife, still life and
  8. Miniature Art Society of Florida
         encourages artists to become involved in the world of miniatures
  9. NP Glass
         Designers and creators of elegant and colorful glass objects for a full range of decorativ
  10. Ó Croidheáin, Caoimhghin
         Featuring the drawings and paintings of an Irish artist including cityscapes of Dublin, im
  11. Stone Foundation
         A resource for stoneworkers, masons, restoration specialists, and other people pursuing ca
  12. UNIKA
         A group of sculptors present their wooden artworks at the yearly fair in Val Gardena, Ital
  13. World Sensorium
         A global social-olfactory sculpture by Gayil Nalls conceived as a monument to the planet

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