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  1. 1394 Trade Association
         IEEE 1394 is an international standard digital interface that can run up to 400 Mbps over
  2. Broadband Exchange
         A resource for High Speed Internet users including Cable Modem users.
  3. CableSense
         Simple tutorials for sharing an Internet connection, speed tweaking and networking.
  4. ePlace Cable, DSL
         Provide security, firewall with a proxy to share cable, DSL, and other high-speed connecti
  5. How Stuff Works: Cable Modems
         Illustrated tutorial on the inner workings of cable modems w/links.
  6. Mac Cable and DSL Security
         Cable and DSL Connections and Security Measures
  7. OOL - Optimum Online
         Optimize your cable modem step by step for optimal performance.
  8. What Is A Cable Modem
         Detailed definition from,289893,sid9_gci211726,00.html

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