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  1. Adam Back's Homepage: Cypherspace
         Find information on some cryptanalytic hacks, breaking weak cryptosystems and links to mor
  2. An Overview of Cryptography by Gary C. Kessler
         Defines cryptographic terms and concepts, offers crypto scheme comparison, and provides so
         A collection of internet and computer security resources.
  4. Choosing a Good Password
         Tips on choosing a difficult to crack password and pitfalls in password selection.
  5. Crypto Machines
         Features machines and systems used in secure communications. Includes brief history on cry
  6. Crypto-Gram
         Free monthly email newsletter covering developments in cryptography and other computer sec
  7. Cryptography FAQ
         Ten part FAQ list that is essential reading for any newcomer to cryptography.
  8. Cryptography World
         Introduction to cryptography, including concepts, key management and application.
  9. Deschall
         Articles describing the first crack of a DES-encrypted message, with some source code and
  10. Electronic Civil Disobedience and the World Wide Web of Hack
         A 'Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct Action Net Politics' cultural theory conference
  11. Handbook of Applied Cryptography
         Reference work available for free download (with restrictions) from the Web.

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