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  1. Armed Settlers of Catan
         A variant with military rules.
  2. Backgammoned
         Provides history, rules, common strategies, and articles.
  3. BattleLore
         Official site. Discussion forums (English/French/German), box contents overview, painting
         Including rules, where to play online, book reviews, a glossary, blunder analysis, expert
  5. Glassmarbles
         Solid color marbles for sale used for board games like Chinese checkers.
  6. Guild of Blades Publishing Group
         Publisher's site for this Talisman-look-alike game.
         Fansite offering reporting on HeroScape custom and official units, battlefield scenarios,
  8. Jolly Games
         Tom Jolly's game company, the official home of Wiz-War. Includes a FAQ with rule and card
  9. Kalahen
         Description and pictures of the game.
  10. KMWs Spielplatz
         Description, review, pictures and diagrams of the Seafarers of Catan expansion and how to
  11. Master Labyrinth
         Description and pictures of the game.
  12. Moksha Patamu
         History and information. This ancient Indian race game is a game of morality with the base
  13. Monopoly Lexicon
         Photographs and literature for collectors. Also features an index of country-specific game
  14. Monopoly Man
         Presents a description of the game pieces, an overview of the rules, and the game's histor
         News, merchandise, history, tournaments.
  16. Pachisi
         History and information. This is the national game of India.
  17. Royal Game of Ur and Tau
         Sumerian Royal Game of Ur - History and information. The Egyptian version was known as Twe
  18. Shadows over Camelot
         Official site. Features overview, history, and ordering information.
  19. The Gammon Press
         Specializes in publishing books dedicated to backgammon. Also sells back issues of "Inside
  20. The Weekend Farmer Co
         Product listing for The Farming Game and related games. Includes rules and instructions.
  21. Wikipedia – Backgammon
         Encyclopedia article provides information about the history, rules, and basic strategy.

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