Petrol, diesel prices on 22 October: Fuel rates hit new all-time high after record hike

Petrol and diesel prices rose again on Friday scaling yet another record high across the country. In Delhi, petrol costs Rs 106.89 a litre, costlier by 35 paise while the rate of diesel was Rs 95.62 per litre, up 35 paise as well. In Mumbai, petrol can be bought at Rs 112.78 per litre, now priced higher by 34 paise and diesel costs Rs 103.63 for one litre, expensive by 37 paise. In Chennai, a litre of petrol is priced at Rs 103.92, which is costlier by 31 paise. On Friday, the price of a litre of diesel was Rs 99.92 per litre, up 33 paise. Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 107.44 per litre, expensive by 33 paise while diesel costs Rs 98.73 a litre, which is higher by 35 paise. While petrol can be bought at Rs 115.54 in Bhopal, up by 37 paise and diesel costs Rs 104.89 per litre, expensive by 37 paise. Petrol and diesel prices  are revised by the oil marketing companies including Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum. The new prices are implemented at 6 am every day. States and cities have different fuel prices because of the value-added taxes, local and freight charges which vary depending on the place. Following are the prices of diesel and petrol in a few metros and Tier-II cities in the country: 1.  Mumbai Petrol - Rs 112.78 per litre Diesel - Rs 103.63 per litre 2.  Delhi Petrol - Rs 106.89 per litre Diesel - Rs 95.62 per litre 3.  Chennai Petrol - Rs 103.92 per litre Diesel - Rs 99.92 per litre 4.  Kolkata Petrol - Rs 107.44 per litre Diesel - Rs 98.73 per litre 5.  Bhopal Petrol - Rs 115.54 per litre Diesel - Rs 104.89 per litre 6.  Hyderabad Petrol - Rs 111.18 per litre Diesel - Rs 104.32 per litre 7.  Bangaluru Petrol - Rs 110.61 per litre Diesel - Rs 101.49 per litre 8.  Guwahati Petrol - Rs 102.87 per litre Diesel - Rs 95.39 per litre 9.  Lucknow Petrol - Rs 103.86 per litre Diesel - Rs 96.07 per litre 10.  Gandhinagar Petrol - Rs 103.78 per litre Diesel - Rs 103.27 per litre 11.  Thiruvananthapuram Petrol - Rs 109.14 per litre Diesel - Rs 102.77 per litre

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