WhatsApp is Widely Rolling Out New Visibility Options for Last Seen, Profile Picture, and Status

WhatsApp has decided to roll out a bunch of new options to protect your privacy even more and allow users to have better control over who can see their profile photo, their about, their last seen, and WhatsApp status. The new options were first rolled out to select beta testers last year but it is only now that the company is bringing out the features to everyone.
WhatsApp Brings Granula Control to Handle Your Privacy Settings
In a recent tweet, WhatsApp has announced that they are rolling out comprehensive privacy control settings to all users. Up until now, you could choose to have your WhatsApp status, last seen, and about info visible to either everyone, your contacts, or completely hidden. However, now, you have one more option called My contacts except. With this option, users will be able to create a list of contacts that will not be able to see your profile picture, status, and other information, while it will be visible to everyone else. It basically acts as a blacklist.

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