Developer Makes Use of the MacBook Pro Notch to AirDrop Files

Apple announced the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models late last year with a major redesign. Both models were equipped with Apple's custom silicon along with a notch up top with reduced bezels. Apple debuted the notch with the iPhone X back in 2017 and users have come to ignore it on the latest iPhone models. However, Apple's decision to bolster a notch on the MacBook Pro gave room to mixed reactions from reviewers. Now, a developer saw fit to test his skills and make use of the notch for sending compatible files through AirDrop with a pretty neat animation. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.
A New AirDrop App Makes Use of The Notch on the New MacBook Pro in The Most Stunning Way, It Is Also Smart
The notch on the new MacBook Pro models is quite prominent and serves no purpose but to house a FaceTime webcam. However, it did take a chunk out of the display that might cause distractions. Since Apple is not going to ditch the notch on the MacBook any time soon, developer Ian Keen saw fit to put it to good use. In a new video posted on Twitter, the developer has created a new app for MacBook Pro that makes sending files easier with the help of the notch.
When a file compatible with AirDrop is selected and dragged, the new app will cause the screen around the notch to flash. Users can simply drag and drop the files onto the notch itself which will open the AirDrop share window for devices that are in range. You can simply select the person from the AirDrop share window with whom you want to share the file or a photo. This is a very neat shortcut for MacBook users to send AirDrop-compatible files to their friends and family.

In contrast, the standard way to use AirDrop on a MacBook Pro is to open a file, navigate to the Share menu, and control-clicking on the file. Moreover, you can also launch the AirDrop section in Finder to send files. However, Ian Keen made it very simple, and to be fair, the process is not only fun but designed beautifully. You can check out the video embedded below for more details.

Got inspired to build a little airdrop helper app tonight.
— Ian Keen (@IanKay) June 16, 2022

Take note that Ian Keen's app is not available for everyone at this point since it is in the testing phase. However, the developer hopes to offer a version of the app on TestFlight in the coming days. The developer also suggests that the AirDrop app is designed to work on MacBook models with a notch but it should work just fine on Macs without a notch. Apple also launched its latest M2 MacBook Air with a major redesign which will be available to order in July. Henceforth, the app will potentially work on the upcoming MacBook as well.
This is all there is to it, folks. How did you like the new app? Are you looking forward to giving it a swing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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