WATCH: PM Modi pauses speech after female constable faints, asks people to help her in Gujarat's Mehsana

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday stopped his speech in Gujarat’s Mehsana when a female constable who was part of the security team suddenly fainted, Zee 24 Kalak reported. In a video posted on Twitter, PM Modi can be heard telling people to provide water to the woman in Gujarati. PM @narendramodi stopped his speech at Mehsana in between when a lady in the security staff got unwell. he gave directions to take care of her. लाखो की भीड़ में भी सबका ख्याल , कितनी पैनी नज़र शायद इसलिए पूरे भारत और अब तो विश्व को भी उनपे भरोसा है

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