‘Baywatch’ alum Donna D’Errico slams troll after posing in ‘thirsty’ Santa suit: ‘Hold on to your hate hat’

Donna D’Errico came here to slay. The "Baywatch" bombshell recently took to Instagram and shared a selfie of herself in a festive Santa suit in time for the holidays. "And obviously she doesn’t wear underwear," the 54-year-old captioned the snap, quoting the 1989 film "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation." "And there are plenty of shopping days left until adultery’s..adulthood…which is to say Christmas…as in Yule..Yule log…not a log!" she shared. "I don’t have a log! But I mean, you know I’m just… If I had a log, not in the sense you think I said I did haha.. Good golly. Tis the season to be merry!" DONNA D’ERRICO ROCKS RED SILK LINGERIE AS FORMER 'BAYWATCH' STAR GETS INTO HOLIDAY SPIRIT WITH ONLYFANS SHOOT "Leave a line from the movie in the comments and I’ll reply back to you with another line," the pinup added. While some of her 1.2 million followers played along, one user wasn’t amused. "Thirsty much?" the troll commented. The actress was quick to give her two cents. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER "Well, let’s analyze this," D'Errico began. "This is a photo of me completely covered from head to toe in a Santa costume. The only thing not covered is roughly 3 inches of my legs above my boots. I captioned it with a funny quote from a classic Chevy Chase Christmas movie and invited everyone to share a quote from the movie as well. And you want to come on here and call me thirsty." "Because…what?" the OnlyFans creator continued. "Because my Santa costume is fitted? Because it’s not big and oversized and bulky dragging on the floor making me look shapeless? Because I took a photo of myself from a flattering angle so I look my best, just like every other normal person does, including, I’m quite sure, you?" "If I want to take a photo of myself standing here nude and post it with strategically placed frosty the f---ing snowman emojis and quote Nightmare Before Christmas, hold on to your hate hat, because I can and I sure as s--t will," D'Errico shared. "Now fly away little Starling." Last month, D’Errico posted a photo of herself rocking red lingerie when another troll commented, "You really spend 2 much time on what you think you look like." ‘BAYWATCH’ ALUM DONNA D’ERRICO ON BEING TOLD SHE'S 'TOO OLD' TO ROCK A BIKINI: ‘GOOD LORD JUST WEAR IT’ "Now Ken, while I’m flattered that you have made a deep dive into my personal life to make a detailed accounting of precisely how I spend my time, you’ve unfortunately made one very critical error: you’re basing your conclusion that I "really spend 2 much time on what I think I look like" entirely on my IG posts," D'Errico replied. "Let me let you in on a little secret: Instagram isn’t real life," she wrote. "I know! Hard to believe, but there it is! You actually have s--t for knowledge of what I spend my time doing or thinking about because, guess what Ken? You don’t even know me! You might be surprised to learn that right now, I spend the majority of my time researching how I can get my dad approved to receive a valve in his lung so he can live the rest of his days without being out of breath all the time." "The money I’m making on OF is going to pay to get him the best treatment in the country as soon as I can get someone to agree to do the procedure on him because he’s above the cutoff age," she shared. "So Ken, how are you feeling about your analysis of me now? Like s--t? Good!" In August of this year, D’Errico told Fox News Digital she was merely "having fun" on OnlyFans . It also allows her the opportunity to connect with fans without the "hateful" comments. ‘BAYWATCH’ ALUM DONNA D’ERRICO SAYS SHE JOINED ONLYFANS AFTER 'HATEFUL' TROLLS BULLIED HER: ‘HAVING FUN NOW' "I’m a single person," she explained. "I don’t have a guy to wear sexy lingerie for. I live by myself and I can’t exactly sit around my house in sexy lingerie alone. I can’t really go out and buy sexy lingerie because who am I going to wear it for? When you’re dating someone, you like to send these types of photos to your partner. I think we all like to look and feel sexy for our guy. I don’t have that. And I’m seeing these other celebrities on OnlyFans where they aren’t being censored. Instagram took down a photo of mine the other day. And yet, they don’t do the same for all the bullying that goes on there. So I just felt like it was a platform for me. I could be on social media, but I could control who sees what I post. I get to wear sexy lingerie and I just have fun with it all." "I realize what goes on that site – I’m not stupid," she continued. "I know you can find really explicit stuff there. But not everybody is doing that. There are athletes, fitness people, cooks – you name it, they're on the platform, too. Just because you’re on the site, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re doing porn. I think that’s the stigma attached to [OnlyFans], which I think needs to start softening a little bit. There are different reasons why someone would join OnlyFans. And for me, I just wanted to get away from the trolls, the hate, the control. I wanted to post whatever I want without being judged. I’ve always said I can do whatever I want and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m having fun now."

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