Apple No Longer Hiring For An Industrial Design Head, Leaving A Gaping Hole In Its Executive Branch

Jony Ive’s position as Apple’s chief industrial design officer was taken over by Evans Hankey  in 2019. Unfortunately, it did not take long for Hankey to resign, as the former executive only stayed with the company for three years. Apple has yet to name her successor, and it looks like things are going to stay like this for a while, as the technology giant has no intentions of filling this position, according to the latest report.
Employees will instead be reporting to Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Wiliams
With Hankey all set to leave Apple in a few months, it is perplexing that the company has not named a successor. According to Bloomberg, people familiar with the matter have stated that the firm will not be hiring for this position. Before her departure, Hankey spearheaded Apple’s hardware design division, with her title being Vice President of industrial design.
Alongside her was Alan Dye, responsible for software design and currently holds the title of Vice President of human interface design. With Hankey leaving and no one to take her position, Apple’s leadership is currently witnessing a massive shake-up since the position of industrial design chief has existed for decades. Under Ive’s command, Apple was commended for bringing out some of the most iconic product designs in technological history.
Jeff Williams, who is Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, will now oversee the industrial design head’s responsibility, with Bloomberg writing claiming that Apple’s ‘core group of industrial designers’ will now report to the executive. There will be 20 of them directly answerable to Williams, but given the other responsibilities he has on his plate, we do not know how he will tackle this herculean role. The vacant position of Apple’s chief industrial designer might be why the company will not introduce a brand new chassis for the upcoming Mac Pro.
The Apple Silicon workstation has been delayed time and time again, so this might be the reason for it. Regardless, we hope to see fresh aesthetic changes arrive for future Apple products under the leadership of Jeff Williams.
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